Eve Carbon Wheels

Eve Carbon Wheels is an engineering firm focused on development and commercialization of advanced carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) automotive wheels for original equipment and aftermarket customers. Eve Carbon Wheels has developed and continues to develop proprietary and patent pending designs and manufacturing methods to overcome limitations sometimes associated with CFRP wheels.

Wheels using our proprietary manufacturing technologies:

  • Surpass all required industry testing standards
  • Are robust, highly durable and reliable
  • Are extremely lightweight and offer significant performance advantages
  • Offer high visual appeal and wide variety in aesthetic design
  • Can be manufactured in a highly efficient, high throughput, high quality production environment

Wheel Architecture & Advanced Engineering
Eve Carbon Wheels are a two-piece construction featuring a carbon fiber reinforced plastic rim mechanically fastened to a metallic wheel center. Our product has been under development, testing, and refinement now approaching 10 years.

Designing a CFRP automotive wheel is incredibly complex requiring an understanding of the micro-level material architecture and the macro-scale behavior of the wheel under harsh driving conditions.

To develop our wheels, we employ cutting edge Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software. Rather than physically building and testing each wheel design iteration, we perform computer simulations of static and dynamic tests on virtual wheels. This process ensures a high confidence factor that wheels designed will meet and exceed expectations.

Surpassing Industry Testing Standards
Eve Carbon Wheels are tested by an independent, third-party automotive testing lab according to SAE and TUV industry standard wheel tests. Our wheels not only meet but exceed these test requirements.

Furthermore, when testing our wheels we subject a single wheel to multiple tests noted below in order to ensure our wheels excel in any application.

Eve Carbon Wheels have passed industry standard tests including:

  • Cornering fatigue (simulates high cornering)
  • Radial fatigue (simulates straight-line driving)
  • Lateral impact (simulates curb impact)
  • Radial impact (simulates pot hole impact)

High Durability & Reliability
Eve Carbon Wheels deliver performance attributes OEM and aftermarket customers desire without sacrificing the durability and reliability necessary to stand up to real world use on today's roadways and raceways.

While Eve Carbon Wheels have been subjected to the most rigorous automotive industry test requirements in existence, they have also been designed to surpass potential new standards as the automotive industry evolves and creates additional standards for wheels using carbon fiber materials.

Currently, the industry does not require conditioned tests, that is, testing of wheels at both elevated and reduced temperatures. While it is important to pass the tests noted above under ambient lab conditions, Eve Carbon Wheels' continued testing program includes current industry standard tests performed at elevated and reduced temperature conditions.

Extremely Lightweight = Performance

Eve Carbon Wheels reduce wheel rim weight by as much as 50% compared to metal rims. Reducing wheel rim weight reduces the rotational inertia and unsprung mass which yield...

  • Significant improvements in vehicle acceleration and deceleration
  • Improved ride quality and tire grip
  • Improved driver steering feel
  • Improved fuel economy
  • For automobile manufacturers, the potential to reduce weight further in suspension components leading to further fuel mileage improvements

Aesthetic Design & Flexibility
Performance shouldn't come at the expense of aesthetics so Eve Carbon Wheels offer both.

First, our proprietary manufacturing technology creates a carbon fiber pattern that is unique and uniform while our high clarity resin system results in a visually distinctive rim. Each carbon fiber bundle within our material system has a high relative number of filaments making the appearance of the rim stand out.

Second, our wheel architecture has been designed to be adaptive and offer considerable aesthetic design flexibility. The modularity of Eve Carbon Wheels allows our rim engineering to be largely decoupled from the metallic wheel center design, allowing OEM and aftermarket customers to have multiple unique wheel designs, fitments, and finishes while maintaining a common light weight rim.

The modularity of our wheel design ultimately offers agility to our customers in speed to market and simplicity in execution. Our rims allow new wheels to be developed well within typically short wheel development schedules.

Engineered for High Volume Manufacturing
The Eve Carbon Wheels are engineered and designed for manufacturing (DFM) to enable high throughput, high quality, high efficiency manufacturing.

Our rims include use of a unique carbon fiber material system as well as resin systems developed through technical collaboration with key material suppliers. Integrating our unique materials and proprietary manufacturing processes results in a highly repeatable process capable of high volume production.

Our Origins
Eve Carbon Wheels was founded by Colin Snyder, now President of Eve Carbon Wheels. Snyder has developed considerable knowledge and expertise of the design, material selection, production, and process control of advanced composites including carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP).

Snyder attended the University of Kansas (KU) where he earned a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree. While at KU, Snyder focused on development of advanced composites for automotive applications. Snyder found considerable success at KU in the Formula SAE race team where he designed and produced his first carbon fiber reinforced automotive wheel. The wheel was 49% lighter than the metal wheels it replaced, was highly reliable, and is still in use today by the KU Formula SAE race team.

During and upon completion of his undergraduate studies, Snyder served as a Composites Design Engineer for Fiber Dynamics, Inc., an AS9100 qualified aerospace and defense oriented designer and manufacturer of advanced composites structures. Here, Snyder developed competencies in advanced out-of-autoclave composites manufacturing processes including Resin Transfer Molding (RTM). He developed practical knowledge of new lower cost, higher throughput manufacturing technologies without the drawbacks typically associated with pre-impregnated composite materials. His work included component design, development of component manufacturing processes, as well as development and implementation of automated process and quality control systems

Snyder left Fiber Dynamics to found his first company and focus on further development of automotive wheels. He was awarded an innovation grant by Wichita State University to develop a new composite wheel that would meet all automotive industry standards while also being efficiently manufactured. Snyder achieved the goals of the grant and since then has been focused on developing and eventually commercializing CFRP wheels using proprietary designs and methods developed by Snyder and Eve Carbon Wheels.

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Eve Carbon Wheels
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